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The journey from an initial idea to a new village community is a long one. A milestone on this journey is the creation of a masterplan.

We had hoped to develop our masterplan through a charrette process, an intensive period of stakeholder and community consultation, with ideas developed and drawn as discussions progress, and we are deeply disappointed that Covid-19 restrictions mean this will not now be possible.

With Tunbridge Wells Borough Council’s timetable for further public consultation on the Local Plan taking place in Spring 2021, it has been necessary for us to take a different approach.

Working with the charrette specialists at DPZ in Florida and also with UK-based architects, we have begun to shape a draft masterplan for a sustainable village designed to meet future social, environmental and economic needs.

We have taken into consideration the natural and built environment as it is today and sketched some ideas as to how it might develop over future decades, with a particular focus on how people want to live and work; with walkable neighbourhoods, access to public open space and community facilities a priority.

Please view our exhibition materials below. Click on the full screen icon to view the boards in a separate window.

Click on the image above for a larger view of the site.

Click on the image above for a larger view of the draft masterplan

Please let us know which of the house types and styles that you like when you fill in the survey. Make a note of the letter/numbers you like from the images shown below.

Once you have viewed the exhibition materials, we invite your feedback here.

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council’s updated Local Plan Process (May 2020)

  • 2016 – 2017: Evidence Gathering
  • June 2017: Issues and Options consultation
  • September – November 2019: Draft Local Plan Consultation (Reg 18)
  • March 2020: (Covid-19 lockdown) Tudeley Village charrette – POSTPONED
  • October/ November 2020: Tudeley Village draft masterplan consultation
  • February 2021: Full Council approval of Pre-Submission Local Plan for consultation and submission
  • March/ April 2021: Consultation on Pre-Submission Local Plan (Reg 19 consultation)
  • June/ July 2021: Submission
  • November 2021: Examination
  • April 2022: Inspector’s Report
  • June 2022: Adoption
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