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The Tudeley Village Delivery Strategy

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The Vision

A potential new village at Tudeley, brought forward by the Hadlow Estate, would be developed with the following key principles:

  • The creation of a beautiful, master-planned village community at Tudeley, inspired by the ethos of The Prince’s Foundation approach to development.
  • A substantially different scheme, in contrast to the typical monoculture housing estates, which lack a sense of community or place because they have not been designed as places to live, work and relax.
  • Engagement with the local community.

A thriving rural village, not just houses

  • Design a variety of dwellings, including cottages, starter homes, and larger family houses, and homes to downsize or retire to. This will be a place built for all ages, for different incomes and tenures. There will be affordable housing, determined by Council policy, integrated within the village community. Key workers and families with a long-standing connection to the area would find homes, as would young people taking their first step onto the housing ladder.
  • Employment opportunities both during the building phase and thereafter, via the provision of workspaces integrated within the village will be provided. These offices, workshops, cafes and shops would allow many existing local businesses and entrepreneurs who have set up ‘micro-businesses’ to work close to home.
  • Community facilities such as a primary school, community hall, village green and playing fields will be included as an integral part of the masterplan.
Hamslade Green, Poundbury

Hamslade Green, Poundbury

Walkable neighbourhoods and sustainable transport options

  • A cohesive, walkable community with footpaths and lanes criss-crossing the village to encourage walking rather using cars for short journeys, enabling people to live healthier lives and foster a sense of community.
  • Links between the village to nearby towns and the surrounding area will be included with cycle paths, footpaths and greenways.
A network of paths weaves through the new settlement at Chapelton, Aberdeenshire.

A network of paths weaves through the new settlement at Chapelton, Aberdeenshire.

Landscape respected

  • The village will be designed to fit within its landscape, respecting the contours and character of the place. Trees, woodland and ponds would be protected and retained wherever possible as intrinsic parts of the design.
  • The landscape and topography of the site will dictate the character of the village as one of its defining features.
  • Interweaving generous green spaces through the masterplan – gardens, hedgerows, sports pitches, village greens and parks will provide space for people and wildlife.
  • Kent’s fruit-growing heritage will be reflected in orchards and allotments for the enjoyment of residents and to promote outdoor activity and connection to nature.
  • A biodiversity plan for the village and surrounding area will link to the Estate’s longstanding conservation initiatives.
  • These measures will provide places for wildlife both within and outside the new village. By preserving woodland, ponds and hedgerows, as well as connecting wildlife corridors to habitats across the Estate we will link ecological measures within the village to the Estate-wide conservation initiatives and ongoing ecology enhancement.
The Hadlow Estate Tudeley

Heritage buildings protected

  • Being mindful of heritage buildings in the area, and in particular All Saints’ Tudeley, is very important for the community and the family, due to the Chagall windows commissioned to commemorate Sarah d’Avigdor Goldsmid.
  • Careful consideration will be given to the woodland and green spaces around All Saints’ Tudeley, in order to protect and enhance its setting.
  • The character and setting of the listed farmhouses and cottages in the area will be taken into account. Several of the attractive Victorian cottages and terraces were built by the Goldsmid family to provide good quality housing for those who lived and worked the land.
All Saints’ Tudeley

All Saints' Tudeley

Planned for the future

  • Green energy options within the new development will be considered to complement the Estate’s existing commitment and experience in the provision of renewable energy. Further sustainable transport options will also be considered.
  • The new development will be planned in the light of the Borough’s wider infrastructure strategy to improve local roads and utilities including energy, water and drainage.
The Hadlow Estate - Solar Panels

In keeping with the area

  • The masterplan will ensure proposals are right for Tudeley and the surrounding villages and in keeping with the local area, in building types, scale and materials.
  • Kent’s architectural tradition and vernacular will provide guidance to create a true sense of identity and community and avoid homes which bear no relation to the landscape or history of the area.

A positive economic and social contribution

  • The masterplan will be for a new village community which will make a positive economic and social contribution to the area, and be a place that people are proud to call home.
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