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The Delivery Strategy sets out the vision for Tudeley, and how it could be achieved.

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If built, Tudeley Village will be built to last. We hope that one day it will be counted amongst the beautiful, individual Kent settlements that have each informed the masterplan.

The Tudeley Village masterplan seeks to deliver on a vision for a sustainable settlement, which would provide for the needs of the community for generations to come. It is the product of detailed technical work and responsive design. The masterplan respects the site and its context; provides a carefully calculated mix of houses, jobs, amenities and other uses; sets out the required infrastructure that would enable sustainable movement and access; and incorporates key ecological and heritage assets.

The Hadlow Estate has a firm and longstanding commitment to Tudeley and the District, and it is keen to build a new settlement of which the local community and future generations can be proud. The presence of a single, long-term landowner with a vested interest in the site and an aspiration towards leaving a legacy is in contrast to the majority of new development schemes – where a developer has no long-term financial stake in the land, and on completion of the build moves on to the next project.

Commercial and employment uses are firmly integrated within the residential fabric of the community, including the ability to ‘live over the shop’. This level of integration is often too complex for more standard developments to accommodate, as they inevitably rely on larger contractors delivering single-use development plots.

Long-term landownership also facilitates long-term stewardship. It captures the original ethos of Garden City governance, which meant that the stewardship was undertaken for the benefit of the community and that the community had a stake in the settlement’s future.

Garden community principles are proven to be better upheld by the presence of a single, long-term landowner, and are crucial to the vision for Tudeley Village.

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