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Tunbridge Wells Borough Council is developing a Local Plan to determine the strategy and location for growth over the period up to 2036. The Borough has to deliver over 13,900 homes in this period, and the need for housing reflects the acute local and nationwide requirement for new homes which cannot be ignored.

There are challenges in finding suitable sites in a borough constrained by landscape factors: 69% is designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, much is Ancient Woodland, the Green Belt extends over large areas, and there are few brownfield sites for redevelopment.

As a local landowner, the Hadlow Estate responded to Tunbridge Wells Call for Sites by putting forward land to the east of Tudeley as a potential site for a new village community and land adjacent to Tonbridge as a location for a new secondary school. Both have been allocated in the Draft Local Plan.

The Estate has a long heritage and deep rooted connection to the area, having contributed to the local economy for generations: providing housing and jobs, land for schools and hospitals, managing the landscape through farming and conservation, and contributing to local culture and heritage.

The Estate is our home and we care about getting this right.

The Hadlow Estate - Cottage
The Hadlow Estate - Nature

In contrast to a volume housebuilder or developer, the Hadlow Estate has a long-standing, deep-rooted connection to the area; a history of stewardship of the land and buildings and an understanding of the local environment which can be seen in the many and varied estate-wide conservation initiatives.

Our aspiration is for a new community at Tudeley, not just houses. This will not be a housing estate of identikit houses without connection to the wider landscape. It will be a place to live, work, relax and learn within a community that can enjoy generous green spaces for wildlife and leisure.

Our inspiration is The Prince’s Foundation’s approach to development and the well-designed, beautiful, mixed use communities pioneered by the Duchy of Cornwall at Poundbury, Tregunnel Hill and Truro in Cornwall, and by landowners in Scotland at Tornagrain and Chapelton.

The Hadlow Estate - White Board Farmhouse
The Hadlow Estate

The Estate’s approach requires a long-term commitment and involvement throughout the project, from design to delivery, and we will be working closely with local residents, tenants, councillors, planners and others to shape the vision of this new village community at the masterplanning stage and beyond.

The aim is to continue providing good quality, well built homes and workplaces for the next generation of local residents – something the Estate has done for many years. We believe it is possible to build the conservation areas of the future – places that people, young and old, are proud to call home.

Consultation with residents, our tenants, councillors, planners and others to inform the emerging masterplan is at the heart of our approach.

We appreciate that change is difficult and development is not always welcome. However the nationwide housing crisis requires responsible action and we believe the Estate can play a role in addressing the need for good quality homes and workspaces in the area, with a long-term vision for a master-planned new village community, built beautifully, to last.


Living with Beauty – Promoting health, well-being and sustainable growth.

The report of the Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission


This report proposes a new development and planning framework which will ask for beauty, refuse ugliness, and promote stewardship. It advocates an integrated approach, in which all matters relevant to placemaking are considered from the outset and subjected to a democratic or co-design process.

PDF, 5.7MB: Download from the UK Government website.

Building A Legacy, A Landowner’s Guide to Popular Development

The Prince’s Foundation


This report aimed at landowners shows the steps to producing popular development so that the built legacy of this generation will not be a country littered with soulless housing estates.

PDF, 6.7MB: Download from the Prince’s Foundation website

Housing Britain – A Call to Action

The Prince’s Foundation


A series of case studies discussing how we should all rise to the challenge of the creation and regeneration of genuinely beautiful places that help to enhance our sense of well-being and which are designed in harmony with nature.

PDF, 12.3MB: Download from the Prince’s Foundation website

Suburban Nation – The rise of sprawl and the decline of the American Dream

Andres Duany, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, Jeff Speck


A book by Andrés Duany from DPZ, Florida, who was appointed by the Hadlow Estate to facilitate a collaborative planning charrette in March 2020, which disappointingly had to be cancelled due to the impact of the pandemic. Available to purchase

Walkability and Mixed-use: Making Valuable and Healthy Communities

The Prince’s Foundation


Can residents walk to work, their children’s school, and to the nearest shops and amenities? What does that mean for their quality of life and the time they spend in the car or exercising in the outdoors?

PDF, 5.4MB: Download from the Prince’s Foundation website

Poundbury Factsheet

Duchy of Cornwall


In 1987 the local planning authority, West Dorset District Council, selected Duchy land to the west of Dorchester for future expansion of the town. The Prince of Wales took the opportunity to work with the council to contribute an exemplary urban addition to this ancient market town.

PDF, 5.4MB: Download from the Duchy of Cornwall website


Moray Estates


In 2002 Moray Estates first considered the possibility of founding a completely new settlement between Inverness and Nairn. It was designed to be a model town for the twenty-first century which fosters a vibrant and successful community.

PDF, 2MB: Download from the Tornagrain website

Chapleton – Learning from the past, building for the future

Elsick Development Company


Chapelton is being developed by the Elsick Development Company (EDC), an organisation created by local landowners with a vision to support Aberdeenshire’s need for new housing with a truly inspirational new community. Those behind EDC are determined to create a historic legacy on this land that will be enjoyed and respected forever.

PDF, 2.3MB: Download from the Chapleton website

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