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New report calls for a better mix and quality of new homes

Published 29th April 2021

A new report by the Centre for Policy Studies is calling for reforms to modernise and improve the development and delivery of new homes.

The Housing Guarantee report, published in April 2021, says large and small housebuilders alike should be incentivised to provide a more diverse selection of homes, of better quality, and for the flow of land to actually be turned into new homes to meet the nationwide demand.

Facing challenges to obtain land, the report claims SME housebuilders can be squeezed out of the system. It states, “the top 10 house builders currently build 40% of all new homes, with the top six controlling around 33% of the market.”

Consequently, one of three key reforms includes ensuring the quality and diversity of local housing supply by supporting competition.

Having quality design and a supply of homes appropriate to demand has been a key consideration for our vision for Tudeley Village.

At its heart, we want Tudeley Village to be a sustainable settlement which will provide for the community for generations. This will include houses of various tenures in a range of sizes and styles, including comfortable cottages and single storey houses for older residents, to starter homes for younger people and homes for growing families.

Read The Housing Guarantee report at: